Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Blog

Just avoiding my latest project to break-in this new blog of mine. I've been dabbling with my gallery pages for weeks but I think I'm finally ready to start posting regularly again. I've been trying to create a sort of hub for all my hobbies and interests and have finally figured out a wonderful and cheap solution. Now that I've discovered the somewhat new Page Gadget my dream of a virtual center of all things "Jenn" can finally be realized!

This blog address will now be our family blog as well as my art blog. It was too much upkeep to have separate blogs.

The "galleries" are still in a rough stage. I probably won't be listing prices and sizes at this point. It's an incredible feat to measure all my artwork. My goal is to get them uploaded and evenly spaced at this point. If there is ever any interest in artwork, commission work, or art lessons please let me know via email (check out my contact page) and I'll get you the details.

Now for more blogging...

I am currently at the tail end of a major home project...repainting the cabinets in the kitchen and both bathrooms. Actually, Nathan and I wrapped up the last of the painting and now I'm rearranging the kitchen contents to best suit my culinary needs. I got stuck at seasonings so I thought I'd blog.

Seasonings are always the worst to organize. They never get put back to their original location thus explaining why I have three containers of garlic powder all opened and half full. And when it comes to retrieving the back container I'm hopelessly impatient. I'm knocking over green sprinkles and paprika all to retrieve the cumin instead of the desired fennel seeds. By the time I seize what it is I'm grabbing for I'm looking into a shelf that reeks of chaos. I then bat my beautiful blue eyes at my darling detail-oriented husband who once again puts order to chaos while he explains the logic of putting this here and that there, yada yada yada.


Well, I'd better get back to it. I just caught a glimpse at all the vitamin bottles we have. When was the last time I took a vitamin!

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