Friday, May 14, 2010

Much of the World's Sorrow

I always hated my curls.  For years I would get up as early as I could to blow dry and straighten my long blond locks until they were stick straight. 
Since I have the thickest hair in the world, this process would take me 30-45 minutes every morning.  It wasn't until I served my mission in England, with all it's humidity, that I finally let go and embraced my curls.  Now I let it go most of the time.

What changed? 
It wasn't so much the hair but the attitude that changed.  Back then I wanted to conform.  Straight was in.  Stick straight.  The hours (oh the hours!!) I spent on getting my hair just right before I felt I could face the world.  It was just me hiding myself.  The vibrant, lively, funny self that I am.  Now I'm letting my hair simply be as I'm striving to let myself simply be

Here is a clip from Harold and Maude.  I absolutely love this clip.  I often think about this when I find myself devaluing myself and my contribution to those around me.

Enjoy.  I know I always do.

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