Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Starting Another Charcoal

I've been doing charcoals for years.  This is my 6th large portrait I've done for this client.  They are of her grand kids.  And the absolute best part is that she is a professional photographer so her references are always artistic, insightful, and brilliantly in-focus!

Since I've done so many, starting should be old hat but I've had trouble beginning this darling little girl.  This is my fourth project in a row so my little brain is tired.  Plus I've been nauseous from pregnancy.  I've just been dragging my feet a bit.  But I've got to get this beauty done before Christmas.  Meaning it must be framed by Christmas which means no later than the end of November.  Luckily I've got the frame shop on speed dial and all her info recorded so if I have to pull a few strings it can be done.

Well, in my avoidance, I decided to document each day.  I've never really done that and I thought it might motivate me.  So, Day one of Ellie.

I know it doesn't look like much has been acomplished but Nathan just made that board and he did a smashing job.  Plus I've prepped the board which meant a lot of bending over and around on my knees which made me want to puke.  But, the board and reference are prepped, station is clean, and I'm really ready to block in my drawing.

I'm really trying to set aside several hours three days a week just for art.  This has been great for me but I keep forgetting to turn off my phone!   My sister Lisa called and we chatted for about 3 quarters of an hour.  Whoops!  But it was Thanksgiving business and I'm in charge of pies this year.  We had some serious pie issues to work out.  

So, yeah, Day One, sort of a bust.  This is what not being in "The Zone" looks like.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more Zone-like.  So far just a pair of freaky looking eyes.  Yep, pretty sure those are wrong.  

But didn't Nathan make a good-looking board?

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