Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Portrait of Isaac

I enjoy trying new things.  I like to be in the habit of saying "yes" to projects I've never done because it always opens doors to new opportunities.

This was something new for me.  Aside from the occasional temple drawing I tend to veer from religious pieces.  I'm an observational artist; that is where I'm most comfortable and religious pieces are typically a step into illustration and storytelling.  Which, for me, means lots and lots of photos and references.  Then you have to fill in with imagination.  And while I am creative person (meaning I create things with my hands) I'm not totally a creative person.  I'm not a strong conjurer of originality.  It takes practice to soak in the pools of creativity; I'm more of a toe-dipper. 

So, this project got me out of my element a bit.  This was a commissioned piece meaning this was pretty much her vision but I enjoyed bringing it to life for her.  It's for his baptism in December which I think is really neat.

While left to my own devices I may not gravitate to religious content, I definitely wouldn't turn away another commission like this. 

And sorry about the photo.  Photographing pencil drawings is a pain.  Either the darks are insanely dark and harsh or it looks like I drew on purple paper.  Rest assured the paper is bright white and the grays are soft and gradient.

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