Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Logan,

I promise to be better tomorrow.
I promise to be more patient.
When you jump on me I'll try to remember a day when you weren't around.
When you ask me over and over for candy I'll remember a time when you couldn't speak to me.
When you ignore me I'll try not to take it personally.
You are 3 years old.
And I am 32.
How easily I forget that.
Please forgive me when I yell louder than I mean to.
I pray you forget every mean face I give.
I am so far from perfect; I almost feel bad that you have me as a mom.
But nobody could love you as I do.
Nobody knows how to make you laugh like I can.
Nobody knows your face better than me.
For the good days and bad we're in this together.
You and me, kid.
I love you.
Oh, how I love you.


Jana said...

I think we all have days like this. :)
Love you.

If it helps, I'm sure that NO ONE could be a better mommy to Logan than you. I truly believe that.

Laura said...

Well said! I'd be lying to say that I've never felt that exact same way. Thanks for saying it so artfully.