Monday, June 7, 2010

Short Thought About a Great Friend

I have this friend.  She is amazing.  Her name is Keri and she lives very far away in New Zealand.  One of my January resolutions was to regularly email her after many years of occasional contact.  Nothing could have been better for me.  Keri is my kindredest of kindred spirits.  And I feel so lucky to have such a friend.  I could easily be green with envy with how fabulous she is but I'm not.  It's never a competition with us, only support.  I have many cheerleaders in my life and she's among the ones with the loudest cheers and the biggest pom-poms.

How lucky I am!


Menner said...

Hurrah for good friends!

One thing I love about you, dear friend, is how you put great effort into maintaining friendships. You have a gift for friendship that I wish to emulate. Thanks for always reaching out to me.

Marci said...

Oh Jenn, Keri is so amazing, isn't she? And so are you. You two have blessed so many lives...including mine. Jacob got in trouble at school for a morning ritual of being pulled down the hallway by his friend by his feet. My first thought was "that sounds like fun." I could only brought back memories of us pushing the art chair down the hall, and you and Keri taking the heat for me.

Jennifer K said...

Marci, I also remember Keri and I taking the heat for you at Lagoon when you were spitting on the sky ride! I've never been threatened expulsion before.

It was great!

That was the same outing where we learned the valuable lesson of not bringing Popsicles onto the Music Express. SUCH good times! Can't wait to see you in the fall!

Marci said...

Jenn, I totally needed a good laugh like this today!!! Thanks. I love you! I hope you never have to take the heat for me again. You call me next time you need me to take the heat for you! Just don't go spitting off things. I don't recommend it.