Friday, June 4, 2010

Look What I Made Yesterday!

My sister Michelle is in town.  Every visit includes at least one outing with just the nieces and nephews.  Usually bowling is the number one activity but she decided to change it up a bit with a trip to Wheeler Farm followed by an egg-dying session out on the lawn.

I have to say egg-dying has certainly come a long way.  The kiddos loved dipping and retrieving the eggs from their colored soak but the tweens and I went haywire with the accessories.  Here's a few of my creations.

Alien Egg

Andy Warhol Egg

Salvador Dali Egg

Just Wanted To Try Furry Eyebrows Egg

I thought this kit was great for the creative spirit.  Again, the young kiddos liked the dipping, not so keen on the accessories.  The five years olds loved the stickers but struggled getting the hair to cooperate.  And they tend to use way too much of everything so it was a good lesson on sharing and taking turns.  The teenagers loved this.  They easily plowed through two dozen eggs.  I think dying eggs in June might be our new favorite Aunt Mi-Jenn activity. 


The Fenns said...

oh so fun! I love the one withe the furry eyebrows. good times

Menner said...

Andy Warhol Egg is my fave.

Marci said...

I love it Jenn! You crack me up.