Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Do you ever feel like you are hitting your head (bam!) against a wall and you just can't stop (bam!) yourself.  It's a really hard wall like cement (bam!) and slightly crumbly like it's been there since the dawn of time (bam!).  And you can't stop even though it's very painful (bam!) and embarrassing since, well, stupidity is somewhat embarrassing.

I always take on more than I am able (bam!) then wonder why I'm miserable and paralyzed with stress (bam!) and end up with a crippling migraine (bam!).

I've heard people say, "my cup runneth over!" delighted by the overflow of goodness.  I'm leaning toward a different metaphor.  My plate is very, very full.  My food is bulging off my plate (bam!) and onto my nice tablecloth (bam!).  The peas are attacking me (bam!) and the gravy cannot be stopped!  My arms aren't big enough (bam!) and soon I'm smothered in gross gravy goop!

So, I de-goop (bam!).  Simplifiy (bam!).  Break some committments (bam!).  Rectify any dissappointed feelings (bam!).  And finally stop (bam!) banging (bam!) my precious (bam!) head....ahhh!

Someday I'll learn the wisdom of saying "no."


Jana said...

and even with all that, you took time to help a friend with a framing project. You are amazing. I'm sure that I am one of the things you SHOULD have said "no" to, but I am so happy that you didn't.
I LOOOOOVVVEEEE the finished project, and it's totally due to your help.

I have a thank you gift for you, but when I drive by, you're never home. Now, I know why. You're off filling your plate. :)

I loved the post about "hearth and home," too. I have been thinking about it every day since I read it.

Marci said...

Jenn, I love you. You are so good at making me laugh, but at the same time you plant wonderful seeds for me to think about. I have been feeling the same way...and it seems to creep up on me every now and then. This morning I was ready to bail ship and run away. I won't do that though, I'll just try saying "no". Thanks for the reminder. I needed that.


The Spendloves said...

Wow, this post gave me a headache :) I hear ya. I feel like I'm living this post on a regular basis. It's hard because by not saying no to things you don't want to do or can't be doing, you can't say yes to what you want to do.