Thursday, October 7, 2010

Black Cats and Bats and Ghosts!

Today Logan and I decided to take a little stroll.  We played our favorite I Spy game which fizzled quickly with the surprise appearance of a very friendly fat black cat.  Now, being one of a very long line of dog people in my family I took a moment to think if Logan has even encountered a feline.  His initial apprehension told me probably not.

After about 5 minutes of strict observance of said fat feline, Logan decided it was his new favorite pal and began to follow it devotedly.  Fatty Catty led Logan through all sorts of rough terrain, though bushes and well manicured flower beds.  I watched with amusement from the sidewalk as Logan would never quite touch the cat but couldn't stay more than a foot away from this new furry being.

And the cat loved Logan!  He would run ahead then wait for Logan to catch up.  Then Logan would run and Cat would chase him then flop on the ground wanting his belly rub.  It was too cute and very appropiate for the season I must say.

After we said our goodbyes (a.k.a. me walking away with a kicking and screaming toddler until Cat was out of sight) we headed home, threw some rocks on our way and enjoyed the colors of fall hand in hand.

I love this kid.

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