Wednesday, February 15, 2012


There is a general buzzing around my house lately.  Things are shifting.  I'm pretty sure it's some sort of emotional and subconscious preparation for Cecily to arrive.  I think I'm nesting.

Some changes are very much physical.  I've arranged and rearranged the kid's room (I love to say "kid's") to best suit the new arrival to our family.  I'm pretty sure Logan thinks by now his room is magic the way he'll leave for school only to find his room is completely different when he returns. 

Nathan wants to build Logan a bunk bed but with a play area underneath in lieu of a second bed.  A few months ago our neighbors built their boys a bunk bed and I think Nathan is aching for a creative project.  I don't know where he gets his energy since he works full time and goes to school full time.  His energy seems endless.

We've also brought my art supplies down from the confined corner of the bedroom to the living room.  Actually, we have no living room which is surprisingly nice.  The couch fits perfectly in our vast bedroom and I get lots of room to work and teach.  Which is the plan starting once Cecily gets settled.  But right now our front room looks like a storage unit which contributes to this general feeling of...well...being unsettled.

I've never done well with anticipation.  I like to get things moving.  I'm not stellar at follow-through but I'm great at starting.  Being 6-9 months pregnant is probably the most annoying time for me.  I'm happy that the nausea is gone and the energy is back but I just get anxious to get going.  Since I can't do a thing about the length of gestation I start to hone in on projects.

I've got loads of ideas for Primary visuals.  I've got an art studio/classroom to set up.  I want to patch up the walls and repaint in the kid's room.  Logan's birthday party to plan. And an upcoming commission this spring. 

And I'm even taking time to blog. :)

Isn't nesting fun?

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